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All of our training is based upon the science of how dogs learn, called the Humane Hierarchy. This comprehensive approach to dog training takes into account animal wellness (making sure there’s no physical cause to a behavior problem), antecedents (what’s going on in the environment that is contributing to the behavior and what can we alter in the environment to help), positive reinforcement (how can we increase the behaviors we want),


Extensive scientific research shows that positive reinforcement produces long-lasting behavior change and poses a lower risk to both pet and owner. We strive to educate owners and trainers alike that punishment and outdated, dominance-based training is not the only solution for changing animal behavior. Tactics such as these can be detrimental to the human-animal bond and lead to setbacks in a behavior modification program tailored to correct anxiety or reactivity.


We want your pet to WANT to learn. We want them to follow cues from you because they look forward to the reward, not because they are afraid of the consequences. This creates an animal that is willing to try new things - they are willing to offer behaviors when asked as they aren’t just afraid of doing the wrong thing. The use of treats (or toys) in training encourages your pet to engage with you.

However, it’s not about bribery. It’s about changing the way the brain operates. Food helps to change the emotional response from something that is scary to something that is positive. It is a primary reinforcer meaning that it has an innate positive association. Food is associated with calm, quiet, and homeostasis. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest and digestion) and therefore leads to calmer behavior. Think of it like a paycheck for your animal. We wouldn’t want to work without getting paid, so why should your dog or cat?

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