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Main Office | 469-236-0066

2765 East Trinity Mills Rd

Suite #102

Carrollton, TX


Our private training sessions offer an intimate setting to work on any specific issues you may be having with your pet. You will be directly involved with the training. Our trainer will discuss the issues with you, help you set goals for improving the behavior, and then develop a personalized plan to modify the behavior in the way that best fits you and your pet.


While the first visit must be an in-person session at our studio, virtual or in-home sessions are available for future sessions.


Please contact the office at any time to set up a private training session with any one of our talented trainers. Check our “trainers” page for more information on our trainers and their certifications.


Our current prices

In-studio and virtual: $135/hr prorated

In-home: $135/hr prorated + travel fee (based on time traveled)

Phone consultation: Can be discussed on a case-by-case basis

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