The Training Studio




After having been around other dogs with no problems, Louis picked a fight with a friend’s dog. Thinking him being unneutered was part of the problem, we scheduled the surgery. Louis wasn’t used to being in a kennel, however, and was scared and stressed. The vet had to give him extra sedatives to calm him. After that, he was never OK with strangers. After Dr. Florsheim’s assessment, she and Cathy developed a program for Louis. We saw the biggest leap in his behavior after we learned about Behavior Adjustment Training. A year ago, I wasn’t comfortable walking him by myself; now I do all the time. We are constantly surprised when Louis sees something once scary to him and just looks to us for a treat. Scary things are always paired with something yummy, so now it’s not frightening anymore. I would tell someone who has a pet with behavioral issues to please call Veterinary Behavior Solutions and The Training Studio. (Click here to read more about Louis’ before-and-after.)


Brooke Ingram


I wanted to reach out and highlight how AWESOME Fanna is. My dog, Rush, recently took "Relaxed Rover". It has only been about 6 months since I adopted Rush, but living in an apartment with lots of other dogs, I quickly realized that he wasn't "normal". I received recommendations from coworkers about overnight boot camps where they use shock collars to enforce submission. I really wasn't in love with that idea because I didn't want them to steal Rush's joy and energy (those are some of his best attributes).

I really wasn't expecting much given that it was only 5 weeks of training, but Fanna was amazing. She broke everything down into realistic training techniques that are actually attainable for us. The training has helped immensely and we're so excited to keep practicing at home.

Katie Bischof





We adopted Savvy from a shelter when she was nine. All of a sudden at the 3-month mark, she started barking at guests when they came in the house. When this was initially happening, I was extremely alarmed; I wondered, do we have a dog that’s going to bite someone? She did well with training, but it still seemed like when we were at home, we weren’t getting through. Before Cathy, she would bark at everything; every dog or person that walked by, everyone who came in the house. It was frustrating; I thought we were going to have to live in isolation and never have people over. We’ve seen such a huge improvement of people coming in the house. I talk to people all the time and tell them how much better it’s gotten for us, and that we will continue as clients. I definitely recommend Veterinary Behavior Solutions and The Training Studio. (Click here to read more about Savvy’s before-and-after.)


Christie Lane

Rylee Rose


Rylee Rose was always really happy and wanted to interact, she was just going about it the wrong way. Mom is in a wheelchair, and Rylee would jump at my mom. It was as if Rylee wanted to do the right thing, but had no control. My vet was examining her around her head. Rylee looked to the side and gave this growl. I wanted to believe I didn’t have a problem, but at that point, I knew I had to do something. Cathy has helped me understand how Rylee was thinking. Now I’ve learned it’s anxiety. I understand her so much more. She loves the classes; I would take her to all of them if I could. She became a different dog. I’m just so thankful to Dr. Florsheim and Cathy, because I feared I wasn’t going to be able to keep Rylee. I’m just so indebted to them. (Click here to read more about Rylee’s before-and-after.)


Debbie Langford



Brandi is a Pomeranian mix adopted when she was about 1. Things were fine for a while. I ended up having to travel for a couple months. It was about that time some of her traits that appeared to be aggressive in nature started to appear. If someone tried to come into house, she’d growl and bark. She tried to bite two people and actually bit one other. Brandi was somewhat worse when on leash. And it got worse when she was on Fluoxetine. We swapped that with Paroxetine. Dr. Florsheim thought Brandi’s behavior was fear-based and said she wanted to continue to medicate her at least for a while, and I set up a session to work with Cathy. Compared to where we started from, Brandi is a lot calmer and happier. And I’ve learned to not let situations escalate. I would definitely recommend that someone who has a pet with behavior issues should go talk to Dr. Florsheim and Cathy. (Click here to read more about Brandi’s before-and-after.)


Linda Specktor