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At The Training Studio, Anxiety and Reactivity is our specialty. Whether there’s reactivity to people or other dogs, our trainers have a great deal of experience in working with worried dogs who may use aggression to manage situations. These group classes can help your anxious dog build their ability to focus and build confidence. The tools learned in these classes can go a long way to helping you and your anxious and reactive pup to navigate the world.

Anxiety & Reactivity


Dog School
Drop Out

$250, 5 weeks

with Cathy Painter, LVT, CBCC-KA,

Fear Free Certified Technician and Trainer

DSDO Class is FULL. Please register to be on the waiting list. 

Dog School Drop Out  ​

DSDO IS CURRENTLY FULL; please register to be placed on the waiting list


If your dog reacts aggressively to seeing other dogs, by lunging, barking, growling or attempting to bite, DSDO class is for you. This class builds on the skills you learn in group class or private sessions. We work specifically on helping your dog feel more comfortable around other dogs.

Dates: Rolling enrollment (Classes are FULL, please register to be added to the waitlist.)

Class duration: 5 sessions – class times are flexible so you don't have to commit to one day and time each week; 20-45 minutes per session


Instructor: Cathy Painter, LVT, CBCC-KA, Fear Free Certified Technician and Trainer


Class size: Semi-private session, usually two dogs at a time and no more than three in one session.


Fee: $250



  • Current vaccinations- please provide proof of vaccinations

  • Dogs must have already attended another class or private training session

Dog's Portrait


with Beth Berkobien, SAPCT, FDM and
Jess Jones LVT, CBCC-KA

$250, 6 weeks


Canine Confidence


This class will give you the tools needed to help your dog build the confidence to conquer many of life's challenges. We want to help your shy, fearful, or mildly reactive dog succeed by engaging all of their senses! Aspects of nose games, relaxation techniques, socialization, and physical activity will all be incorporated during your sessions.

Dates: June 17th at 2:00PM

Instructors: Beth Berkobien, MS (Animal Behavior), SAPCT, FDM & Jess Jones, LVT, CBCC-KA, Fear Free Certified

Duration: 6 weeks


Class size: Maximum of 4 dogs per session


Fee: $250



  • Current vaccinations- please provide proof of vaccinations

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Refunds are not available within 2 weeks of class start time. Payment must be made no later than the first day of class.


If a class turns out to not be right for your pet, transfers to a more suitable class may be possible on a case-by-case basis.

For any questions regarding our policies or other important information, feel free to email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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