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The Training Studio does things differently. The Training Studio offers all these programs for your dog or cat and can customize a program for your needs.

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Does your dog hide, shake, seem scared or look away from you every time you pick up a plastic bag or drop something? Does a thunderstorm or July 4 equal a long night at your home? Do you notice your dog seems nervous even when there doesn’t seem to be anything going on? Anxiety is more common problem in dogs than people think and there can be a large number of triggers your dog has to encounter regularly. Let us help you teach your dog how to be more comfortable in these situations using scientifically appropriate methods that not only change the choices your pet makes but how your pet physically responds to these triggers.  


Does your dog bark, growl or bite? Aggression is a serious issue. Dogs who use aggression require special handling to ensure the safety of other pets and people. Many trainers recommend punishment-based techniques to solve aggression issues. While punishment may inhibit your dog’s barking, growling or lunging, it does not address the cause of these behaviors. Over time, this can result in your dog being more likely to bite someone because the dog has no way to warn you he is uncomfortable. Dogs that use aggression to manage events are not lost causes. However, dogs who show aggression towards people or other dogs are at risk of being euthanized. Before taking that step, let us evaluate your dog and teach you and your dog techniques to solve whatever issue underlies the aggression. Read about Louis, one of our patients who is moving past his fear aggression.

Desensitization and Counterconditioning for Body Handling

Is your dog afraid of vet visits? Does your dog run when you take out the nail clippers or twist away when you try to clean his ears? Many dogs have learned these procedures, and those that occur at the vet, are uncomfortable or painful. Dogs have to learn that body handling can be fun for them. Desensitization and counterconditioning teaches your dog that it is OK, even good, when people touch them. We teach them – and you – how to deal with each part of the visit, so they can cooperate with their own care, and you will be able to utilize these techniques on all your pets.

Loose-Leash Walking

If your dog is pulling and lunging during walks, we can help! The world is an exciting place that your dog is understandably eager to experience. Let us show you techniques to teach your dog how to walk politely without resorting to the use of equipment that may hurt your dog.

Basic Manners

Do you want your dog to sit when you ask? Lie down and stay? Come when called? We can come to you to teach these skills; however, if your dog is comfortable with other dogs, check out our Family Manners  classes


Does your dog bark at everyone they see, or jump when a leaf blows? Have your neighbors started walking the other way when they see you coming? Owning a reactive dog can be embarrassing and scary. It helps to understand that reactivity is a physiologic reaction that is triggered by environmental events. We help reactive dogs learn new ways to deal with the world and we teach owners new ways to interact with their reactive dog.  


Most dog owners are familiar with that moment of dread when your dog gets loose, or focuses on a squirrel, and takes off, ignoring your calls. One of the most important skills a dog can have is to come when called. Let us bring you peace of mind and help keep your dog safe with this essential tool. Did you know that if you turn and walk away from your dog, he is more likely to come than if you face him and walk toward him? Learn this and more on your own turf.

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