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Cooperation in Care
Have a dog who is anxious about ear drops?  A pet who is scared of nail trims?  Does the thought of taking your pet to the vet cause you to break out in a sweat?  Instead of struggling with your pets, teach them to willingly participate in their own care! .  
We have two classes to help - one to help pets learn about the vet and handling and one specifically for dogs who are already nervous about vet visits and handling. Not sure on classess? Ask about our private training options. 

Due to our small class sizes enrollment is open until a class fills. It may sometimes be necessary to delay our start date. If the class you want is not currently active you can register now to reserve your spot on the roster.

Vet Skills 102: A Pound of Cure 

Start date:

*Rolling Enrollment

Orientation Dates:

Sunday, September 11th at 7:00 pm

Sunday, October 2nd at 7:00 pm

Class meets weekly on Saturdays at 4:00 PM and Mondays at 4:30 PM 


Duration: 5 weeks  (Must Attend Human Only Orientation as First Class)


Instructor: Jess Jones, LVT, Fear Free Certified

This class is tailored specifically towards dogs who have medium to high levels of anxiety during vet visits. This class is designed to be free-form and tailored to each individual dog and their specific issues at vet clinics – whether it be basic restraint, injections, blood draws, etc. We will implement systematic desensitization and counter-conditioning to provide some form of a cure to the fear, stress,  and anxiety underlying your dog’s response to the various aspects of a vet exam.
For some dogs, this class may initially focus on administering injections so that proper sedation protocols can be safely followed to minimize stress to dogs, owners, and vet staff as we work on teaching your dog the skills needed to complete a vet exam.

Note: It is highly recommended that dogs with severe fear, stress, and anxiety during vet visits follow an appropriate sedation protocol should a vet exam be needed while undertaking this course to prevent regression.

Class size: Maximum 2 dogs per class time


Fee: $225



  • Current vaccinations- please provide a copy of your dog's vaccination record (titers accepted) 

Pound of Cure

Vet Skills 101: An Ounce of Prevention

Start date:  To Be Determined--please email if interested

Duration: 5 weeks   First class is for human's only


Instructor: Jess Jones, LVT, Fear Free Certified

 Cindy Hayward, LVT

This class is designed to help prevent or minimize fear, anxiety, and stress during vet visits for dogs. Over the 5 weeks of this class, we will teach you how to best prepare your dog for vet exams by slowly introducing them to the various aspects of a wellness exam. We will also teach you how to be the best advocate for your dog at the vet to prevent any escalation of problems.
Note: This class is tailored specifically for dogs that do not currently have any major problems during vet exams – especially young dogs or dogs that may be timid, but can get through the exams with minimal issues. If your dog has had overtly
negative reactions at the vet clinic, your veterinarian reports that they need extra precautions during an exam, or your dog is reactive to new people, please sign up for our Pound of Cure class.

Class size: Maximum 3 dogs


Fee: $165



  • Current vaccinations- please provide a copy of your dog's vaccination record (titers accepted)

Please note there are no refunds available within 2 weeks of class start time. 


We want happy clients and dogs! If the class you choose isn't right for you, please contact us and we will work to find one that is!

For any questions regarding policies or other important information, email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.