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The Training Studio


The Training Studio does things differently. You only have to compare our methods to historical horse training methods to see what we mean!

Horses are traditionally trained using negative reinforcement, punishment and learned helplessness. Negative reinforcement relies on doing something aversive to the animal (like pulling on a bit) and then giving the animal relief when it does what you want. Punishment (e.g. whipping, twitching, tie downs, yelling etc.) often backfires, and leaves you with a horse that runs when she sees you coming. Learned helplessness teaches the horse she has no choice about what happens to her. A horse can become dangerous if she associates human interaction with fear and pain. 


  • Does your horse run when he sees the halter?

  • Do the veterinarian and farrier dread coming to your barn?

  • Does your horse balk when he sees dewormer?


We can help! Positive reinforcement teaches your horse what you want, while making the horse happy to comply. Additionally, behaviors taught through positive reinforcement are repeated often, so the behavior you want sticks! Adding in desensitization and counter-conditioning to your training program turns problem behavior into cooperative behavior.


Contact us to schedule a time for us to meet your horses and discuss your needs.

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