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Cooperation in Care

Instead of struggling with your pets teach them to willingly participate in their own care!

Due to our small class sizes enrollment is open until a class fills. It may sometimes be necessary to delay our start date. If the class you want is not currently active you can register now to reserve your spot on the roster; payment is not due until the class has an official start date.

An Ounce of Prevention

Dates: Saturday, 03-14-20 at 4:15 p.m. FULL!

Class duration: 5 weeks, 1 hour per week 


Instructor: Cathy Painter, LVT, CBCC-KA


This class is for dogs that are unsure or nervous about visiting the vet, or who are easily overstimulated at the vet's office. These dogs could be experiencing anxiety and/or fear. We help you learn to read canine body language so you will know when your dog is comfortable and when the dog is just being compliant. We will help your dog learn to tolerate, even enjoy, the types of body handling associated with physical exams. They will also begin learning polite waiting room behaviors!


If your dog has a history of aggression at the vet, such as barking, growling, attempting to bite, "A Pound of Cure" is just what you need (coming soon). It is meant for dogs that already have a significant fear response to the veterinary environment.


Class size: Maximum 3 dogs


Fee:  $155


Requirement: Current vaccinations appropriate to the age of the dog.

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Dig It

Dates: Saturday, TBD at 2:15 p.m.

Class duration: 1 week, app. 45 minutes


Instructor: Cathy Painter, LVT, CBCC-KA


This class teaches you how to teach your dog to trim his own front nails using a dog-sized emery board. We will cover training basics, work on timing and get your dog started down the path toward stress-free manicures.


Class size: Maximum 5 dogs 


Fee: $50 includes a scratch board


Requirement: Current vaccinations

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 for Body Handling



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