The Training Studio

We Do Things Differently

Welcome to The Training Studio, an animal training center where we educate pets and their people for happier, healthier partnerships.


Is this your pet?

  • Afraid

  • Aggressive

  • Biting

  • Barking

  • Has accidents

  • Doesn’t like vet visits

  • Separation anxiety

  • Destructive

  • Hyper, jumping

  • Won’t walk on leash


There are many reasons our pets – dogs, cats, birds, horses or exotics – demonstrate these and related, difficult-to-manage behaviors.

Offering small, unique classes and personalized attention, The Training Studio instructors are all certified and adhere to the humane hierarchy. They teach classes ranging from private sessions to basic manners programs, Nose Games, Dig It (teaching dogs to file their own nails) and Relaxed Rover and Dog School Drop Out for fearful, anxious and reactive dogs. Click here to check out the classes and private training options.

We can help!

Many dog training classes at other facilities are large and impersonal, use punishment techniques, and/or can be very expensive; additionally, animal training is notoriously unregulated. This means there is no guarantee that a trainer keeps up with the latest scientific discoveries about behavior and learning theory.


The Training Studio is passionate about helping pets and their people through behavior management and modification using current scientifically and ethically appropriate methods.


The most important difference The Training Studio offers is that we work closely with Dr. Amanda Florsheim and Veterinary Behavior Solutions

Training techniques based on the science of how pets learn have been around for a while. There is extensive, scientific research showing positive reinforcement produces long-lasting behavior changes.


A recent surge in awareness is the result of more trainers and pet owners realizing punishment and outdated, dominance-based training is not the only solution for changing animal behavior and in fact, can be detrimental.


Many people are surprised to learn that every interaction with an animal is a training session, because the animal learns from the experience. Showing you how to communicate what you want in a way your pet understands is what The Training Studio does best. All those daily interactions, if approached thoughtfully, add up to the well-behaved pet we all want.