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Exotic Pets

The Training Studio does things differently.  Cathy Painter has a background handling exotic animals, from anteaters to zebras and most everything in between!


Do you have a problematic parrot? A rascally rabbit? All pets benefit from training and enrichment. Take your exotic pet's natural behaviors, add in some learning theory and end

up with a well-behaved companion and friend.

The Training Studio

Pocket pets, goats, sheep and other unusual companions


Do you want to trim your ferret's toenails? Will your rabbit come when you call him? Are you tired of your goat butting you? All animals can be taught useful behaviors. You might be surprised how much fun it is to teach them. Call us when you are ready to get started.

Parrots and other birds


Parrots can make excellent pets. They can also be loud, destructive and aggressive. Training a parrot using any method other than positive reinforcement is counter-productive. Yelling at a parrot just encourages them to "yell" too. And trying to physically correct your parrot will result in a painful bite!


Do you want your parrot to stop biting? Do you want to teach her to step up on your hand? Contact us to get started.

Zebras, llamas, primates and other exotics


Animals in captivity need stimulation to keep mentally active. Training is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Do you have non-traditional animals? Let us advise you how to use operant conditioning so your animals can learn to cooperate in their own care.

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